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What's best for your water heater? Your sense of style? you'll want to think about what's best for them. And this is just the short list of considerations. If you're replacing your present heating system or building a new home, ask us about integrated systems. Recently water heating has become available with the new "triple function" heat pump system. This system provides space heating, air conditioning and domestic water heating in a single high efficiency unit. Although there is limited availability, the advantage of this system is that it can produce hot water independent of the comfort system.

The water heater is large user of energy in most homes . Only the heating and cooling system equipment use more. Unlike heating and cooling equipment which are seasonal, the water heater works year round. Some water heater electric elements controlled by thermostats heat the water and keep it hot. Since 1994, We has been providing electric controller to Chinese water heaters manufacturer for the utility industry. To many customers, we has been the exclusive supplier of water heaters controller throughout the life of their rental program. Now DK Electric engineering Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electric water heating system and solar water heater controller. DK Electric is a company dedicated to the goal of promoting electric water heating controller within the utility industry. As such, DK electric is the ideal partner for utilities wanting to develop new products and services in an increasingly competitive market. DK Electric is headquartered in Hangzhou. Qiujun is the president to run the company.

DK ELECTRIC is a company dealing with electric water heater control and solar water system heating controller. Our commitment is to give customers best quality and satisfaction but reasonable price. We are ready to handle all jobs related to water heater controller, especially on automation by using motor and remote control. If you are interested in our water heater control, please contact us .
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